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Pet Friendly Apartment Rentals - Fort Worth Tx - Large Dogs Are Welcome

Searching for a rental apartment in Fort Worth with a pet can be a trying experience. Once you’ve found a small number of rentalapartments that allow a pet, breed of your dog and it`s weight are likely to be one more problem.Pet Friendly ApartmentsPet Friendly Apartments

Nov 01, 2009 – Searching for a rental apartment in Fort Worth with a pet can be a trying experience. Once you’ve found a small number of rental apartments that allow a pet, and are pet friendly you are likely to find additional restrictions like breed of your dog and it`s weight, that makes it near impossible to find and rent a good apartment in Fort Worth TX. Some rental buildings in Fort Worth allow cats only, while others not pets at all. And when you do find a place that is pet friendly and will let both you and your pet live together, you might find yourself paying a pet deposit of $250 to $500 and in some cases also pet rent; additional $10-$15 per month. Pet deposit is not always reimbursable and sometimes half is.

So what to do as a pet owner renting in Fort Worth?

Plan your actions according to your dog or cat’s weight and breed. Most pet friendly apartments and condos likely will accept a small dog under 50lbs (fully grown). Both apartment complexes and private landlords are worried that cats and small dogs may be more likely to scratch the floors and walls although they are quieter and potentially less harmful. Larger dogs and some breeds like Rottweiler, Mastiffs and German Shepherds get a bad reputation for biting and louder barking, which makes it harder to find properties that allows these breeds. (Weight and breed restrictions mostly exist for insurance purposes).

If you have one of these restricted breeds it will be easier to rent a condo but if you want a rental apartment like an apartment complex you will have to focus your search on apartments that allow them. These apartments are not easy to find, but anyway you should hope that you can find a nice and understanding landlord that loves animals, or dig out the limited number of rental communities that will let you “bring you big bad dog” advice: offer to pay an increased security deposit.

Where to Search for Pet Friendly Fort Worth Rental Apartments

Certain parts of the city have more dog parks and therefore more pet owners tend to live in those areas. Gallery 1701, for instance, has more dog waking area than most of Fort Worth apartments, and the green area around TCU is known to be relatively dog friendly . The downtown Fort Worth area, with its lofts and high rise apartment buildings, having less pet walking space has become a less popular area for pets. A building like the Historic Electric building allows only cats.

Generally speaking the areas to avoid having a pet are those with more compact city living. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as the size of most rental apartments in these areas is too small to accommodate one human in some cases, let alone pets.

My suggestion for large dog and restricted breed pet owners is to buy a single family house or if you must, a condo! If you need to move to a rental apartment, an apartment complex or an apartment for rent, us an Apartment locator in the area you are moving too. They have lists of properties and Online Apartment Database that list all the no breed restrictions properties as well as apartments that allow multiple pets and large dogs.

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